Qualified Retirement Plan Design, Consultation & Administration
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We follow a five-step process…

1. Identification of Plan Goals
2. Plan Design
3. Plan Installation
4. Annual Administration
5. Plan Communication

Plan Selection and Design

A properly designed plan document, which meets the specific needs and objectives of your company, is the foundation for building a successful qualified retirement plan.

Through a detailed analysis, AFC can design the right plan for your company and prepare the necessary legal documents to adopt and implement the plan. We then help to communicate the plan to employees, so they fully understand and appreciate the benefits being offered and the provisions of the plan. Are you establishing a new plan? Together we'll examine the various types of plans available and help you decide which plan can best meet your objectives. Do you have an existing plan that doesn't quite meet your expectations? We'll recommend solutions to put the plan in line with your goals. Upon matching your retirement goals with a plan type, we can customize numerous features of the plan design. Whether your intention is to maximize the benefit provided or minimize the cost, we have the expertise to accomplish both.

Plan Administration

Throughout the plan year, AFC provides you with the ongoing technical support needed to operate your plan smoothly and effectively. This includes participant inquiries, preparation of employee distribution packets or loan request, and general questions that may arise during the plan year. At the end of each plan year, AFC prepares a comprehensive annual report needed to keep your plan in compliance with the current tax laws. This includes updating of employee census for eligibility and vesting, contribution calculation, allocation of contributions, earnings and forfeitures, nondiscrimination testing, reconciliation of plan assets, and preparation of participant benefit statements and government forms.